angulus: Olive rubber ankle boot


Women’s shoe sizes
UK Sizes 3   4    5    6    7   7.5   8   9
European sizes 36  37 38  39  40  41  42  43
USA/Australian 5   6    7    8    9     10   11

This is a guide for shoe fitting; however, shoes vary from make to make,

if not sure, please contact shoes at last 0208 390 5673

The must have walking or commuting boot, very comfortable, rubber sole and upper, elastic sides, fleece inner extremely cosy, wear with mp socks.

rubber upper / rubber sole / comes with mud bag for travelling

Highly recommend for the cold wet days ahead.

angulus: Olive rubber ankle boot





Handcrafted with love

So much love, skill and dedication has been poured into every single pair of ANGULUS shoes. From the first lines on the drawing board to the moment they are carefully packed in their boxes, the shoes go through a long journey of 48-60 steps to achieve the highest quality. ANGULUS is produced with love and care in our own factory in northern Portugal, where our proud shoemakers honour tradition and make a virtue of creating comfortable, high-quality shoes that are not only visually beautiful, but also a pure pleasure to walk and live in.
angulus: Olive rubber ankle boot


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