Mos Mosh: Naomi blue jean


Woman’s clothing size chart
  • sizes                                   XS  S   M   L    XL  XXL
  • sizes                              8  10  12  14   16  18     20
  • European sizes            34  36  38  40   42  44    46
  • Marble Scotland                 0    1     2     3    4      5

This is a guide for sizing in clothing, however, always wise to try on,

as sizing in every make across the world varies.

please contact shoes at last if not sure 0208 390 5673 or


NEW in great looking easy skinny denim jeans from Mos Mosh, pocket detail, turn up hem.

99% cotton / 1% elastane sustainable cotton

Mos Mosh: Naomi blue jean


Mos Mosh

Mos Mosh: Naomi blue jean
SS24-161310-401_1 MMNaomi Mielka Jeans Blue shoes at last since MOS MOSH was founded, fairness has been the cornerstone of their company. they care about each other's well-being, and about the world we all live in. The fashion industry faces a huge environmental and climate challenge. MOSH MOSH, have a strong responsibility towards the planet.  they're committed to taking responsibility and making better daily choices by minimizing environmental and social impact across our entire business chain.


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